Worldbuilders: Auctions for Professional Critiques

One of my nerd-crushes, Pat Rothfuss, runs an excellent charity every year –raising money for Heifer International. Here’s the homepage for the Worldbuilders charity itself.

As I’m sure you all know, Pat wrote Name of the Wind and smells like cinnamon rolls at all times. He does a lot of work collecting donations from lots of published authors, and putting them up for lottery and auction via his blog — SHOW OFF.

However, one of the tastiest set of auctions every year is a brace of actual, honest-to-goodness professional critiques. All of the reviewers [including Pat himself] are industry legit – and I know there are probably several people here on WP who would be interested, and could benefit from an opportunity like this.

Remember, it’s all for charity — and if I had some scratch and a metric ton of more confidence in my unfinished manuscript of That Thing, I’d be jumping in on this hardcore.

Here’s the link: Auctions for Professional Critique.