First Read Stats

Chapters: 22

Villain Interludes: 4

Times author wept: 0

Main characters: 2

Lesbian bards: 2

Dinosaurs: 1

Minotaurs: 1 [sadly]

Fight scenes: 12-15

Dance scenes: 1

Named Villains: 6

Wyvern rides: 2

Hyper evolved frogs on steam-powered roller skates: 76

Weird dream sequences: 2

Witches: 1

Allusions to Buddy Holly lyrics: 1

Swords named ‘Chester’: 1

Word count: 49,235

I like my book. It’s got problems, but I don’t feel overwhelmed — YET. Several sections are in severe need of fleshing out, clarification and a rigorous, rigorous edit.  The next stop for the Edit Train is working on the chapters individually, probably save the first couple of chapters for last as they’re going to need the most work.

And now to get to it….


Everything is fixed.


I’m trying to keep this blog writing-focused, but I’m so excited about this I just have to post it here too. I’ve been directing a production of Jesus Christ Superstar, that opens tomorrow. A good friend put together a video teaser for the show to put up on FB — had to let you guys see it too!