Putt-Putt Potential

Two lines, drawn by mortal hand drawn on a globe must perforce intersect. No careful ink or edge of steel can avoid this casual truth, the imperfect always converges.   So it was, and so it will be on the street of elms, the street of circumstance. Two forces, winds of a bifurcate purpose did […]

The Tiny Frog

In a tiny forest, next to a tiny pond, lived a tiny frog. An early frost had killed the rest of his spawn-brothers, and when the lone tadpole-with-legs wriggled out of the tiny pond the other frogs were much dismayed. The Greenlord, in a fit of classical allusion, dubbed the newborn “Schadenfreude”. The tiny almost-frog […]

Story on Demand: Milliardo Peacecraft Edition

Lots of Lodestar writing, reading a colleague’s short story and novel chapters, plus day-job woes. Brain quivers and shakes, so no typey-typey, angsty-angsty today. Toss a story idea in the comments, when I’ve reassembled the fragments, I’ll pick one and write something shiny.


The girl with the headphones pinched her nose and closed her eyes. The bus and the people roared around her, her thumb cycled the volume up and up. She opened her eyes, and the bus was hers. The people were back behind the glass where they belonged. The girl with the headphones coiled a finger […]


I play and she dances. That is how it works. That is it. The heat of her day, and the hat on her head, and the crease of her waist and the slight boredom in her green-green eyes. I thump down on the strings and an eruption of trees – pines today. Green like her […]