Puppet Times!

I had the great honor this past weekend of seeing my words on stage — in the form of an avant garde puppet show. It was wonderful and strange…and more than a little surreal. To not only see your words being interpreted by a performer and director, but having them come out of a puppet’s […]

Puppet Monologue #3

Sock Puppet:  I am a sock puppet. A puppet made of sock. I am a sock puppet. A puppet made of sock. I am a sock puppet. A puppet made of sock. A puppet sock am I. Am sock I puppet made? Made I sock? Puppet am I? Am I? Puppet! Sock? Sock made I? […]

White-Hot Greasefire of Entertainment

Pippin opens on Friday. If you’ve been wondering why the blog has been so quiet — here’s your answer. I’ve been directing a production of this musical at our Friendly Neighborhood Theater, the Town & Gown Players. Here’s the part — were I a normal human being — where I would gush about the show. […]

What’s Pippin about?

Well, it’s about us. People. Humans. Actors. All three terms are synonymous, but mainly people that call themselves actors. That identify as actors. The people who leave their day job, drive across town, and work for free for 3-4 extra hours a night. We’re desperate, we’re fiending — we need to get on stage. We […]

Everything is fixed.

  I’m trying to keep this blog writing-focused, but I’m so excited about this I just have to post it here too. I’ve been directing a production of Jesus Christ Superstar, that opens tomorrow. A good friend put together a video teaser for the show to put up on FB — had to let you […]