Free Fall in 1000 Words

I have to start somewhere. Here is as good a place as any. This dot, this sentence, this word. What did Archimedes promise? Give me a firm spot on which to stand, and I shall move the earth. Yes, I know. Some versions of the quote he mentions the lever or the fulcrum too. And […]

The Circle

Stand in the circle and ¬†hold, hold light in the circle and stand. made of song, made of ink made of water overflowing the sink circle of salt circle of bone circle of holly all green and alone circle of hands circle of eyes forget this charm and the last fire dies we are the […]

AMOD appears in BookBathBox!

At last, I can talk about this! After months of secrecy I can finally blab and gush and turn into a small imp of excitement. This is quite honestly one of the most fun projects I’ve been able to work on with¬†Asteroid Made of Dragons. BookBathBox is a subscription box service filled to the brim […]