DragonCon Schedule (How to Find Me)

First, you must do this. You must stand in the spire as the sun reaches its zenith. As the light falls on your eyes, close them tight. A youth, dressed as a vaguely homoerotic Smash Brothers fighter will appear. You are not to speak to him, only nod in appreciation. He may nod back. He […]

Until Sundown

When Geranium was younger she wore her hair long. A careful waterfall of black that never, ever hid her face. She wove guitar string through it, silver and sure- encircled her brow like the ring of a tree marking time. She did not know yet that she would be a Bard of Gate City, though […]


thinking about time and spooling up rhymes and singing out my check account and rustling through the vines of ivy and cracked leather that burn through the weather and pull me like a sycophant down to where the bone-clock chimes yeah, Mitchell Dave i’m touchstoning your story every  spy glass gets a peek when I come […]

brown leaves

uncork the prophet and come running for payback still gunning down interlopers cotton thieves outta stayback wiggle my toes and rummage around for flows hoping i’m still beating when my heart already knows song of the vandal, coming back to ramble leaving my gleaming all screaming on the bramble home of the brave and cost […]

The Dragon Award

  Blink. Blink.   This video, in its ENTIRETY, is how I feel. I’m on an award list next to N.K. Jemisin  and Jim Butcherrrrrrrr. You did this. All of you that took the time to answer my plea and nominate me – and I cannot thank you enough. It makes me feel fantastic. This is great […]