unlikely and tritely and measures of soup who knows the ketchup man when he’s covered in goop? stop in the rain and pound in the sun my heart is a rolodex and the time never runs frank like my idol, can’t scratch the vinyl keep chattering and nattering i say when the mix is final […]

A Servant of What?

“What did it want?” Coracle asked. “I’m still not sure,” the mage rubbed her tired eyes. “To destroy, clearly. But it seemed important that we destroy ourselves, that our own hands, our own works be our undoing. It claimed it was a servant.” “A servant of what?” Sand asked quietly. “The Dark.” Rime shrugged. “Whatever […]

Ink is Poison

ink is poison and tongue is granite and can’t stop hoping there’s a way off this planet and rumble and jumble and sections of squares i howl and i holler and i’m running out of spares keep returning and burning and scattering the same words say it again and again, this character class is for […]