lighthouse psalm

geranium the eruption before and always sometimes but not never would play the guitar. would sing would fight would crow at the moon and steal sunlight from the garter of day. geranium stole songs sang songs love songs rain songs plain songs ‘songs are no ones to claim’ ear pressed to a new breast, unspooling […]

Sunset Falls on the Weeping Gate

Edward Felspar On Assignment Vyle Tymes – 25th of Psydros, 2015 History sleeps all around us. In the stones of the roadway, in the iron of the rail, in the scars that lekpalios hide behind full flagons or a worker’s blue or a traveler’s cloak. As we walk the streets of Vyle we can hear the shuddering […]


New York Public Library -Bloomington: view of the town after a sleet storm, Jan. 1871 Ice and snow and the outside of doors. The town clutched itself. A stranger came, squat and empty like a jug. He rattled on the windows and tapped on the doors. He whispered only, ‘fire’ ‘where is fire’. The town […]

Music for Your Face

I made a Spotify playlist for Asteroid Made of Dragons! It was fun for me to do. FUN I SAY. I’m a recent expatriate from Songza (RIP) and I hate Google Play Music, so I’m fairly new to this as my streaming music font of choice. I’m — okay with it? Still learning my way […]

Spell/Sword Audiobook Contest Winners!

Here are the winning entries! Phil Rood Scorecard: 6 chances   Spell AND Sword +2 Tweeted x3 Judge’s Comments: Unexpected to receive a drawing, but very pleased to do so. The barbarity, the virility of the linework, that dashing mustache! Also the sensible messenger bag really sets of the ensemble. This piece is ready to […]