Spell/Sword Audiobook Contest BIRTHDAY EDITION

Time for another giveaway! I’ve been sitting on these download codes for the Spell/Sword audiobook for long enough. My birthday is at the end of the month and to celebrate I want to GIVE 10 people a free download of the book from Audible.com. Admittedly I’m GIVING you these with the idea that you will […]

Answers to No One

King Tamar sat alone. It drove her mad to be blind while her city, her people, were in peril. They were imperiled by the blazing red-white circle that, by her guard’s faltering description, filled half the night sky now. She had given them all tasks, duties to prepare the castle defenses, to prepare the city […]

Book Four Brainstorming

Ha! Stumbled across my brainstorming for the title of book 4. Posting here for posterity. It’s kind of funny that I ran right past the one I finally selected before settling. Rime Korvanus and the Four-Chamber Secret The Four-Chamber Secret The Black Dog Called Love Rime Korvanus and the First Kiss The First Heartbreak Heartbreaker […]