I Need Help

I need help. You are my people. You are my ragtag band of adventurers, wizards, lawyers, normal humans, and mutants. And I need your help getting my art out in the world. Tomorrow is release day for my book, THE RIDDLE BOX. It’s the sequel to that other book I won’t shut up about, SPELL/SWORD. […]

Take This Book From Me

I’m giving away 5 free copies of the paperback on Goodreads! The contest ends on release day of 11/26 so get in there now if you’d like a copy. You do have to be a member of Goodreads to enter -but why aren’t you already you book nerd, you? Feel free to share this around […]


I get asked this question a lot: How many books are there in the Spell/Sword series? Well, not a lot. Eleven times, tops. People ask because they want to know what they’re getting into, I suppose. Or just figure out how many years they have to deal with me explaining my fiction with wild-eyed elan. […]

The Holy Detective

Close your eyes. Okay, wait, open them again. You can’t read with your eyes closed. Are you reading this now? I guess I’ll need to wait for you to get bored and come back and read this. Okay – welcome back. Now, metaphysically close your eyes. What do you see when you read the word […]

Before You Buy the Barrel

Now available free here on the site: the first two chapters of The Riddle Box. Sample Chapters This Way! This is a common tactic – in both the world of traditional and self-publishing. It’s nefarious.  You’re going to read the first two chapters, just enough time to figure out you think the book is fucking […]


“Your future is an empty cup, Rime Korvanus.” The seer intoned. “And you, Jonas of Gilead, yours is a brown cloak.” [Just putting this here so I can find it later. When the Dimensional Radio plays, better jot that shit down.]