Your Advice and My Stupidity

[This is an actual email I’m sending to another writer today. I’m removing their name, of course, to respect their privacy — all you really need to know is they have sold a shit ton more books than me in the same genre, and I’m a moron for not listening to them.] Good afternoon, XXXXX. […]

Geranium’s First Song

Watch all this wither Watch as we gather the leaves and grass and broken things threadbare heroes and three-cross kings, we sleep in the heart we wait in the dark until the cobblestones give way… Watch all that glitters Watch all that stains the sun shines on the city but tomorrow will rain but tomorrow will […]

Lunch with a Villain III

I saw him a few other times. I carefully averted my eyes or tucked my chin to my breastbone. He knew I was there of course, but gave no sign. His narrow shoulders square in his brown cloak, his grin cutting the light from traffic signs, from reflected glass, from the glow of smartphones. After […]