Bard’s Doggerel

Writing about music is like dancing about math. Song in the scabbard and stone in the bath. Hand in my pocket, heart full of dust Robot Vandal is nothing but rust. End of the road, bend of the way the king’s thread-jester has nothing to say. – Max Madwand, Bard of Gate City

Lunch with a Villain

We met on the patio of Agua Linda – well, it’s not much of a patio, just some plastic fencing, plastic chairs, plastic tables with plastic umbrellas. But it’s outside and it’s nice, so let’s deem it a patio. I got there early and ordered a beer and munched on chips until he got there. […]

The Lines II

Lucas played the lines. It was easy at first. So simple, bone simple, blood simple, like blinking or drinking or building a nest. He pressed the keys and the the light was there, the music to spare, he connected dots in the dark while the masked man gibbered softly in his ear. The melody of […]

State of Ruin

How does one begin a story? With thunder and lightning and rain? With the song my mother sang that last night, that last night before I ran away? Should I begin with the ravagers, their black cries and crude crush and stomp through the white-knacker arbor? The blood in my teeth, the blood on my […]