You Must Understand

The world was different then, you must understand. You have never known the sound of a river or the sigh of the breeze through the canopy, you have only ever known sand and stone. The world was beautiful, you see – green and abundant with life. It was my joy to touch each green leaf […]

The Audience

Who do we write for? Who do you imagine when you type the words in the glowing white box of your choice? Maybe it’s a side-effect of my own checkered past in the theatre, but I spend a lot of time wondering about them, out there in the darkness.  In all my art [ARTZ tm] […]

Riddle Box Sketch 3

Sing in me, O Muse of the dark that hides, quiet and calm in the center of the riddle box. Open the lid and let the two travelers inside. This is not their mystery, but they are the clue lost among the echoes of now and long ago and yet to come. Will you ever […]

A Century of Pennies Minus One

Spell/Sword Kindle Version – .99  Gasp! It’s happened. In preparation for the release of The Riddle Box, I am permanently reducing the first book down to .99 on Amazon for your shiny Kindle. I’m also going to be removing the Kindle exclusivity this summer, so Spell/Sword ebooks can be made available on Smashwords and iTunes. The […]