Titan’s Wake – The Story So Far

Shining cities and tower tall, broken at its feet they fall. The Titan, red ash and smoke in Cataclysm’s voice it spoke. Then nothing but sand and wind and death. Then at last in caverns deep The dwarves were first to break their sleep. Their Empire rose in steel and stone, bending all hidden in […]

Love and Parallel Dimensions

Let’s talk about love and parallel dimensions. I’ve had a theory for several years that it is far easier than one supposes to slip between alternate worlds, through the membrane of reality between eyeblinks. It happens all the time and most people rarely notice because the worlds we flip between are ever-so nearly identical. Here […]

Riddle Box Opening Verse [ Sketch 2]

Have you come to play a game? All the pieces are marked all the clues will  appear one by two, two by one, running through the weightless halls of the manor. You have come to play a game, the killer and the killed. Blood on white marble, blood on shadowed wood, blood on blood, blood […]


My friend across the table muttered something in passing and my blood went cold. “Did you just say, Apocryphile?” There was no reason she could possibly know what it meant, I tried to stay calm, hands flat at my side. “Uh, what? No,” she replied. The ‘Apocryphile ‘is a name of ill portent, a character […]


We’re all telling the same story. I’ve been thinking about the State of the Fantasy Genre intermittently, and I just had a thought-burst. We’re all telling the same story, the story of Inevitability. Rothfuss’ Kingkiller Chronicles, Abercrombie’s First Law, Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire. And me. The feeling of fate, of the dark steps […]