The Scariest Place

A friend posed this question online yesterday. “What is the scariest place you have ever been?” I started to write a glib answer, but then my brain started to sputter and whir. How would I actually answer that question? Where was it? And in traditional manner, some words clattered out of the hopper onto the […]

Spell/Sword joins Kindle Matchbook

Sorry, I’ve been super quiet on the blog lately. Kefka isn’t going to defeat himself. In the never-ending quest to get more copies of my book out there in the world, I’ve enrolled the book in Kindle’s new Matchbook service. This is where when you buy the paperback copy, you can then get the Kindle […]

Green Bean Editing

You know, the hard editing — the scenes or dialogue that just ARE NOT working. I’ve been pushing them around my plate, trying to hide them under the potatoes. Time to just hold my nose and chew them up. 

Every Good Story

[This needs a little explanation. This is from a writing experiment that me and some friends are working on, called Runeclock. The conceit is that the whole thing takes place in a vast simulation. The Players [writers] describe their characters’ actions, the System responds with the next chunk of narrative. But what happens when the […]

The Misplaced Adventures of Talitha Brown III

“VAGABONDER.” Talitha called sweetly at the top of her lungs. “HEY, VAGABONDER.” There was no immediate sign of her engineer, so she took a moment to enjoy the sprawling mad-tumble of her ship’s cargo bay. The interior was all darkwood, gleaming with fresh seal and polish, the sizable bay split into five sections — four […]

Well, this looks promising.

The Method To My Madness A Collection of the Incoherent Ramblings of G. Derek Adams I think this was from high school, sometime. It’s apparently a poetry portfolio, and since it’s on notebook paper, I’m guessing I did it at the last minute and banked on my native charm with our Gifted Teacher, Ms. Stephens […]

Time Travel Hat

A few weeks ago, I cleaned out my old room in the house I grew up in. My mother was something of a pack rat, a custodian of a thousand pieces of paper chronicling my childhood. I pawed through box after box of old report cards, half-completed math worksheets, programs from graduations and honor’s ceremonies […]