The Riddle Box is complete!

Well, the first draft anyway. I’m flabbergasted, exhausted, and other adjectives.  I’ve written 62 pages in the past 11 days, and I freely admit there are some dodgy, dodgy bits in that last sprint to the end — but it’s all there. It’s a complete narrative, it works how I wanted it to, ends how […]


So, I gave my book away on Kindle for five days, how’d that go? This is mainly for the edification of other self-publishers, or folks who are just super nosy about my BIZZ. Big Caveat, right off the top. I am a terrible and slap-dash marketer. There are many, many people on the internet who […]

Work Explosion

A heartfelt thanks to all of my friends and readers who helped make my free Ebook special such a success! I’m working on a big blog post discussing the results, with some nice crunchy data for other self-publishers out there — but my real world job has been on fire every day this week. No […]

Last Day to Get Spell/Sword for Free!

Spell/Sword FREE KINDLE EBOOK ON AMAZON 8/30 — 9/3. 2013. To quote the inimitable Stanley Spudowski — if you’re the sort of person who likes to wait for the last minute, well THIS IS IT. THIS IS THE LAST MINUTE. This is the last day of the free Kindle special — go to Amazon post-haste […]