Runeclock- New Sessions

[HA. Still writing more for Runeclock than Riddle Box. Bad writer. BAD.] Haunted House The fire crackled and spit sparks into the air as the malformed log fell into the embers. Lucht had placed it with great care for maximum light and heat, but it required constant tending. A rustle of leaves as the wind […]

Runeclock – Under the Wheel

  Drawn on by curiosity, by pride, by fear of being alone, the band of children slipped down below the Ferris Wheel, through the thick iron gate and through the tall iron door. The dog and the strange young woman accompanied them, hard on their heels like sentinels or comets. The children tucked their treasures […]

Runeclock – Treasure

The green-guards Jak and Kanley lumbered onto the gazebo like a stork and a penguin. The two friends quickly scanned the Midway, but saw neither their young quarry or the danger that lurked between the garish-colored booths of steel and light. The children regrouped and followed Crim’s lead faster and faster towards the great wheel. […]

Runeclock – Biggs and Wedge

[Just a little snatch from Runeclock that I wrote today and liked. Surprisingly, all this time playing hooky and writing this thing gave me a nice boost on The Riddle Box — I think I’m going to start viewing Runeclock as my ‘writing warm-up sketch’ every day, like I see a lot of illustrators do […]

Runeclock – The Ferris Wheel

[Hey, remember that book you’re working on — remember that?] [Yeah.] [You seem to be spending a fair amount of time on this side project. Shouldn’t you…?] [SHUT YOUR FACE.] The Ferris Wheel waits, a grand circle enclosing the horizon.Even the children who have never been to the Fair can recall the grand spectacle when […]

See? See?

Today on Riddle Box: Two paragraphs.   Today on Runeclock [collaborative writing experiment]: The children turned to consider the thin girl with the skinned knees. Mark looked skeptical, but was so eager to be off that he made little opposition. Crim shrugged, and the others made warm welcome to their new companion in ‘banditry’. The […]

The Danger of the New Shiny

So, instead of focusing on the rough draft of The Riddle Box this week, or drilling down on the lines I have to memorize for Hamlet, or just conserving my energy for the crazy roadtrip we have this weekend or the move I should be packing and planning for — I decided I needed a […]