I was born in the middle of tomorrow, yesterday’s child. My parents were Tuesday and waiting for the water to boil. The people of the village are finding me in the hay of the inn’s second stall, the one that the old gray mule calls his own. Or did they already find me? At some […]

Bells and Blood

Writing continues apace on┬áThe Riddle Box. I’ve gotten 50 pages deep into my swordpunk murder mystery without getting all the clues and suspects too tangled — I hope. There’s also been a fair amount of self-high fiving if I’m being honest. It’s rare that I’ll start chortling when I’m writing a scene, but my Pink […]

I Need Reviews!

On Amazon, on Goodreads, on Facebook, scrawled on butcher paper and taped to the side of your car. Those of you who have already finished reading — please take a second and post a review online. Even if you had problems, especially if you have legitimate criticism. I’m starting from zero promoting the book, and […]

A Bit of Riddle Box Description

Quorum is a new town, though it has labored fiercely to coat itself in smoke-stack centuries of grime. Two centuries gone the Yad-Elves of Riddlewood turned their back on the forest, on their forest, on their sacred bond to the wood. They joined forces with metal-minded humans and built a city on the coast, a […]