Back to the Airwaves

This is one of my innumerable ‘Hey Blog, What’s Up Old Friend?’ posts. As is obvious from yesterday’s post, I’m dealing with a lot of grief. My mom passed last week and that post is all I really want to say about it for a while. Segue from Maudlin to Shameless Self-Promotion — ACTIVAAAAATE. Fellow […]

318 Words about Death

It’s like green. Like losing the color green. Your brain clatters on, and your heart keeps pumping. It’s just green, after all. You’ve seen green plenty of times, it’s common and commonplace. A shade that your eyes find unremarkable as a whale finds the sea. And what’s more, your brain can process the loss. You […]

30 Pages by Friday

I’m 20 pages deep into the first draft of The Riddle Box, and I’ve been using the same 5 page/week plan as Spell/Sword — but I think it’s time to put on my Big Boy Pants. Time to write 10, son. It will also justify my shiny new toy: a Samsung Chromebook.

Pleasant Discovery

It’s always a treat when you stumble upon a new facet of the characters you’re writing. I’ve been with Rime and Jonas for a while now, through Spell/Sword and in their far, dark future of Lodestar. As every writer must, I know a lot about them. More than I’ll ever subject the reader to, more […]

black wire fever

black wire fever. I wrote this poem years ago, trying to explain and capture a certain feeling. An intense anxiety coupled with a desire to interact, to read, to flip between channels, web pages, build a model, read a book, watch a movie – flipping between different apps on my phone over and over. Just […]

Name of the Knight

Enough people have finished the book to start asking me some pointed questions about it. Questions like: 1. Wait, what? 2. Is it RHYME or REE-MAY? 3. What’s all this about Jonas being a murderer? ┬áSay it ain’t so! 4. You do realize that the ogre’s name changes in Chapter One? 5. Wait, you killed […]