I have some friends performing an avant garde puppet show this weekend. What, your friends don’t put on avant garde puppet shows? Wow. Get better friends. I contributed a couple of monologues to the project, so I’m beyond excited to sit down and see them performed. I was also working on a rockabilly theme song […]

I Want

Like Heinlein said, I want the Roc’s Egg. I want the leather of my sword-grip to creak as my knuckles go white. I want the lightning to crackle between my fingertips like Egg Shen. I want the Flux Capacitor to ignite as I travel through time. I want the power, I want the fairy tale. […]

The Reason I Wrote The Book

I think it’s this artwork right here.   I dropped a few copies of the book off at the high school I used to work at, with strict instructions that they be dispersed only to the truly devout nerds in attendance. Today I got an email from one of my teacher friends, and my very […]

Spell/Sword Unboxing – Extreme Happiness

There comes a moment as an author, when you know you’ve made it. When you know, just know that … it was all worth it. That moment is now. Or rather, last night, the first time I saw this video. One of my friends and first readers Allen Rowell, is local filmmaker and director in […]

Short Story Spamtown

I’m considering entering a short story into the Sword&Laser Anthology, and I’ve been throwing the handful I’m considering up on my FB page for feedback. Here’s a master post of all the ones in contention. The theme of the anthology is ‘unusual or unlikely’ stories within the science fiction or fantasy genre. Thoughts on these? […]

Book Two Planning

  Oh nothing. Just my first official notes for The Riddle Box.  I still need to decide on a lot of character names [probably won’t until I get into the first draft] and the timeline is wafer-thin — but here is the proto-skeletal structure of my second book. So, for those of you finishing Spell/Sword […]