Spell/Sword Explanation

“Okay, let me play this song for you first.” Aragorn sighed and hopped up on the desk. He folded his paws underneath his grand orange and white chest and surveyed me with stern iceberg-disdain.” I just wanted to know what your book is about. Why are you playing me a song? Why can’t you just […]

I Dreamed the First 5 Episodes of a TV Show

I’m a quasi-lucid dreamer, so its pretty common for me to have a reasonably solid recall of what I dream on any given evening. Especially if I discuss it with someone immediately upon awakening, it helps to lock in the memory as a narrative. My beloved was treated to just such an incident Sunday morning […]

Zero Escape – Nerd Matters

[It’s been pretty tireless self-promotion here at Spell/Sword for the past week or so. How about some dyed-in- the wool geekery to ease the sting? These are my DM notes from the Pathfinder game I ran earlier this week, presented with little to no context. If your eyes have already glazed over at this point, […]

Book Feels

It’s still very surreal to have the proof of the book here. That this thing that’s lived in my head for years is now a physical object. That I can reach into my bag and pull it out and touch it. That it can prop open a door, hold down the corner of a picnic […]

Spell/Sword Inspiration

“Why’d you write the book?” “Huhn?” I said, cornflakes falling from my surprised mouth. “The book. Spell/Sword. Why did you write it? What inspired you?” “Uhhhh.” The spoon hovered over the bowl. “Look, my cereal is getting soggy and you know I am borderline neurotic about that, so…” “Fine. I was only showing a little […]