Puppet Monologue #2

Masked Man: I saw the devil this morning. Walking through the azaleas, dangling his long fingers, as casual as a green grocer. The small bushes grew along the sidewalk, and bowed towards his feet as he passed. He was wearing corduroy and dark glasses. He wasn’t in a hurry. I thought to myself, shouldn’t he […]


[Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Point of No Return] Tweaked my pitch a little more, the window for entries ends tomorrow. After that just two-ish weeks of nailbiting to find out whether I made the cut. I am at peace with my place in the cosmos.

Puppet Monologue #1

[What? You don’t have friends that ask you to write dramatic monologues for puppets? How unfortunate. I’m going to write a series of these, to be potentially used in a live show later this year with actual puppets. Ain’t life grand?] Methusio: ‘Allo. Takes a long sip from his martini. Methusio has a terrible French […]

Spell/Sword Cover Art Revealed!

And there it is. The cover art for my book. This is real. IT’S REAL. Let me let me tell you why I love this art. 1. It’s fun. Looking at it just makes me smile. It’s unapologetically goofy and cartoony. Most fantasy art takes itself so freaking seriously. 2. It’s different. This doesn’t look like 98% of […]

Bubbling Brew of Malaise

Grump grump grump. I have entered into a period of vague dissatisfaction. There are many exciting things on the horizon for Spell/Sword: final edits are almost done, designer is lined up for my cover, cover illustration is complete, entered into the Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest, should be ready to self-publish in February or March. I’m very […]

I did it.

I’ve entered Spell/Sword into the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest and Breakfast Buffet. Fortunately, I still have right at a week to tweak my pitch, and fuss with the various parts of the entry forms. But I have officially entered, so I’ve got a slot, and I’ve got a chance. If nothing else, the massive […]

An Empty Internet Gesture

Hello. We haven’t spoken for years, probably not since college. Easily a decade. We were not particularly close, just in each others social circle. And now, of course,  we are friends on Facebook. I’m sure that, at most, I am a minor figure within your mental life. A blip on Facebook, just as you are […]