Five Lodestar Secrets

Lodestar is an odd beast. Telling a story live for two years across thousands of words online, and scores of tabletop games it’s easy to get lost in the thickets. At least I know I often did, and at least nominally I was in charge of the story. Killervp asked for some Lodestar related blather, […]

Blather Options

I’ve been noodling over a couple of different blog topics, whilst digesting the mammoth pile of turkey and dressing that I’ve recently consumed. Which sounds the most interesting to you, oh wanderer of the Internet? 1. Why I kind of like that show Elementary, despite it being an empirically flawed premise for a show. [Sherlock […]

Director’s Note

[I know it’s been quiet here for the past few weeks. I’m hip-deep in a production of Pippin that I’m directing, plus holiday work volume, plus BLAH BLAH BLAH WRITE US A STORY ABOUT A GRYPHON. I should have some quiet time over Thanksgiving, I’ll try to be a better blog-content producer over the next […]

Sora no Umi

Before our world, there was Nothing. And then Nothing thought. It’s first sin. It wanted to be more than it was. It wanted to know. It wanted to have. Emptiness filled. The water grew dark. Regret, fear, desire.  Seeds of our world. All from Nothing. Thinking. The Others were born, the Elder Gods. Then the […]

Judge the Book by its Cover

I am beyond excited….and more than a little terrified. I actually have an artist working  on the cover art for Spell/Sword.   I insist that you click on this super-rad Cyberman art and check out some other examples of his work. He’s got a lot of style-flexibility, but everything he does is interesting, distinctive and [as […]