What am I even doing?

Here’s my last two short stories — that are connected, or something? — in page form, so they can be read all at once. Book of Teon Knight of the Scroll I think I’m going to keep this going. Advertisements

Knight of the Scroll IV

Write only what you know. You are in danger, Scholar Dryden. My name is Emory Dryden. I sit in my study in the East Tower. I am left-handed, and have to hold the quill carefully to avoid getting ink on my palm. The fire has died to embers. There is a brown plate to my […]


Look, I’m honestly excited that the popularity of HBO’s Game of Thrones has pushed this tale into pop culture. I really am. It’s exciting to watch new people discover the characters and the world — leavened with a small sense of superiority and anticipation watching them blunder into the many dark corridors of the narrative. […]

Knight of the Scroll III

Inconsistencies:┬áThere are several portions of the recording that do not seem to bear up to scrutiny. Without further knowledge of the events surrounding Teon’s death, I am unable to know whether to attribute these inconsistencies to his delirium, or to perhaps some sort of metaphorical meaning. At the beginning of the narration, Teon insists that […]

Knight of the Scroll II

Impressions of the Speaker: The Arkanic language is an oddity. Rhythmic and focused, but with a strange undercurrent – as if the speaker is humming a harmony to every word. When written, the complexity of the symbology and mathematics at work are staggering — but when spoken, it seems to hover on the edge of […]

Knight of the Scroll I

Research Journal – Emory Dryden – Knight of the Scroll The City of Corinth. Gilead. 9th of Arrowspan, 1165 VA I find a growing sense of unease as I work with this strange recording. The elaborate sequence of investigation, research, espionage and skulduggery required to obtain it lend themselves to a certain expectation of menace […]

Throw Up My Skirts

A recurring complaint from my Alpha Readers — and now one of my Beta Readers, is that I don’t tell them enough. They want more details about the world, more about the history of the characters. I have two main characters, and I sort of summarily dump them into the plot together. They both have […]