Nightmare Fuel

Echodactyl swoops low over the frenzied demons, keeping close to the tops of the buildings to conceal her outline from any of the enemy. The organized group moves through the chaotic demons. A dozen armored forms form a perimeter, holding large standards, gleaming white even in the rain with three blue swords crossed — the […]

Crossing the Rubicon

[Sent this out today — eep!] Good afternoon, Alpha Readers. Thank you. First, before all else, before another word — thank you. You are doing me a giant favor, dedicating your time, knowledge and taste to helping me achieve a goal that I’ve had my entire life. Thank you, thank you – thank you a […]


And his hand slid through the hilt as if it were made of dream. The barbarian stumbled forward, thrown off balance. He turned around, and the sword was gone. In its place stood a hooded figure, old gray travelers cloak worn thin from endless miles on the road. Agnar glanced around and saw the temple […]

Pice Burns

Libraryside “Reports are hazy, but the main assault seems to have begun in the Southern District — from the Thieves Alley. Spice is much deeper down then those tunnels, so they’re probably no worse off then we are right now.” Ganalie interjected. “The members of the Lyceum were all scattered across town, and many of […]

Editing – Final Sequence Omega

I’m on schedule for finishing my Alpha Edit of Spell/Sword before July 1st — my personal printer [aka my mom] is waiting to print copies for my crack team of Alpha Readers. Editing is like painting with sand — everything you do changes the landscape, and draws into question things that you once considered granite-bedrock […]

Originally posted on Town and Gown Players:
There’s been a long running debate at our theatre, a quiet dissatisfaction with one of our noble facets — not so much with the venue itself, but with its nomenclature. I refer to Second Stage. The name is innately confusing. There is only one stage in our humble…

The Blood is Good

“The Long Night still comes, pup. But for now we are alive, and there is mead to be drunk.” Grell the Death crooked an arm around Agnar’s neck and dragged him away from the others. The barbarian found hard hands on his shoulders, warm kisses from matron and maiden, the devil blood still spattered on […]