Arggg — I’ve …

Arggg — I’ve been malingering about editing Spell/Sword — time to hulk out and get some work done. BLOG PROMISE – I’m dedicating Saturday morning to editing, I need to make some positive traction on this thing, or I’m going to slide down the UNPRODUCTIVE TUBE SLIDE OF DESPAIR. Advertisements

Beach Blanket Bingo

The sand was hot, but the pineapple ice slush that The Vagabonder had concocted was glacial on the tongue. The waves lapped sedately against the white sands of The Island. Talitha and Sinoe worked on opposite ends of a massive sand castle. The east wing was floppy, drooping towers of wet sand dribbled. The west […]

Guest Blogging: Town and Gown Players

  Did another guest post on Town & Gown Players, if you care to read my ruminations on the process of line memorization. [It’s totally more interesting than it sounds.] Click on Iron Chef French’s benign visage to be whisked to that blog.


I’m having a hell of a time getting any forward momentum on the next stage of editing the book. Admittedly, I’ve had precious little time to really focus on it over the past month – but when I get a spare moment, I crack open the Google Doc and try to make some headway — […]


It was a nothing town. Some sheep pens, a general store, well-wrought houses and a good deep well. It was Victor’s home, and he loved it fiercely. The blacksmith stood next to the stockade, a few paces into the dark so the torch would not rob his eyes of sight. The wood was still green, […]


It was a nothing town. But it had a bar, and sometimes…that’s enough. The wind whipped through the empty streets choked with dust. A chill was present, but not enough to penetrate the thick jacket that the bard wore, bright blue collar pulled nearly to her nose. Elora Delcroft leaned into the wind, and ran […]

The Twilight Kingdom

Two foes lie bleeding on the stage of the opera house. Time slides by, and their blood mingles on the darkwood boards — the stage lights burn on the strange tableau. A crumpled old man, and a white-haired woman. The Ghosts stand witness, and stand in judgement. Shadow and light merge, a cauldron of fate […]