Story on Demand: Let’s Process our Feelings.

Man, it’s getting dusty in this here blog.  I’m going to kick of this week’s Story on Demand early, just to force myself to show some bloggy-love. This week – how about a topic? Like, Cheerios vs. Honey Nut:Discuss. I’m trying to stay focused on the last stretch of the book’s rough draft — so […]

Quiet as a tomb.

The blog’s been quiet this week — mainly just me pushing my friends’ projects on you. If you’ll notice the sidebar, I’ve actually been getting some writing done — I’m in the last leg of the “book” and can see the finish line in sight. So…yeah…….deal with it?

I’m a bully.

Hey, you nerds — give me your lunch money. And put it in this jar. As anxious/neurotic/nervous I am about promoting my own stuff, and even admitting that I’m creating anything — I am a tireless jerk windbag when pushing my friends’ projects. This is my friend, Dustin:   Isn’t he dreamy? [PUNCH] I SAID, […]

Originally posted on N. E. White:
This is a photograph of one’s third nipple. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Can’t claim credit for that. Really. I want to, but obiwannabe is the guilty party. Go check out his blog and remember to inundate his comment section when he asks you to. I dare you. What is it…

Shakespeare 2012

[I don’t normally include the explanation at the top — but this one is a doozy. This idea was submitted on Facebook by Allen.] “Othello is running for reelection. Henry V is the GOP nominee. They wait in the green room to begin a televised debate when, suddenly, a young woman collapses of stroke. who […]