Divine Retribution

I think yesterday’s post was the first time I’ve ever directly referred to That Thing as a “book”. And I’m freaking out slightly — like the heavens are going to open and rain down lightning bolts and ninja cats on me. Anybody else have this psychosis?

This is what my book is about.

Sing in me, O Muse the tale of two travelers, the ones who burned across ruddy hill and serpent trail — the last golden days of youth before the fall. Spell and sword, song and steel- the green hills roll on, and the dark forest waits but before the sun dies, let the thousand tales […]

In Communist Russia, Kindle reads you!

I’ve been doing some very basic research on Kindle Direct Publishing — and I’m curious, what do you WordPress illuminati think about it? Personally, I’m very intrigued — it seems like a fascinating tool to self-publish, completely doing an end-run around the paper-publishing brontosaurs. Ultimately, this is all Top of the Mountain stuff, while I […]

Glass Dogs

The latches of his guitar case were brass, but they hadn’t closed properly in years. The case was cracked red leather – an elaborate network of twine kept it shut for travel, and generally he had plenty of time before  a show to tease loose the knots. Running through the midnight streets, breathing hard, with […]