The Cost X

Izus Torossian walked through the empty streets, with a bundle in his arms. The raw sound of a baby crying battered at the air. The dark things – the once-men stayed far away from him, he strode across the wet cobblestones unopposed. Izus wished something would attack. Something he could fight. The inside of him felt wide […]

The Cost IX

He felt his ribs shatter, leaving his heart exposed. A breath of cool air on his beating heart. “Ah, yes – plenty of room. Room for five.” Fairchild purred. Blood poured out of the squire’s empty eyes and his fingers slid along the stone. His body arched backward, and there was pain. There was so […]

The Cost VIII

The creature’s green fingers closed around the blade. “I shall make you…” The blade was falling, it fell again and again. “…make you …” Jonas let go of the blade and it fell. “…make you…” Green fingers closed around the blade, and Fairchild looked up. His eyes were nothing. “I shall make you of power […]

The Cost VII

A chessboard. A battlefield. Another time. Think it through, boy. Think about all the moves, the avenues of attack, the consequences. What are your options? What tools do you have? “Oh…oh my. You’re actually considering it.” Fairchild chortled. ” I can see it in your eyes. Just as was foretold – but I must admit […]

Context Sensitive

Hmmmm….I’m hitting a mental snag. To me it’s completely obvious how Jonas is going to act in this situation, but within the context of this piece — I’ve really done very little to establish his motivations, morality, etc. Thoughts? Read a la carte how well is this piece holding together for you?

The Cost VI

“This child is the last. The last beating heart in all of Gilead. Except for yours, of course.” Fairchild smiled. The bundle hung, inches from the squire’s nose. Jonas stared. The baby appeared healthy, a patch of yellow fuzz on its head, dried tears and mucus covering the face. Jonas felt a sudden desire to […]