Hey, I wrote some fresh stuff for the blog   – honest to god, typed up today — bristling with new-osity. I’ve added a new Category “Fresh” for pieces like that, that are written and posted in the same day — I hope to do a lot more of them when my life settles down. Advertisements


“Something there is  to a task done well, a true task, a right task. The door-knob turns, and knows that is is doing exactly what it was made for.” “Are you drunk?” Simon asked, waggling his empty wooden tankard. Merridew glared across the table, bushy white eyebrows standing at attention. The elderly Yad-Elf gripped a […]

Well, how about that?

HEY.  Six complete strangers downloaded my free e-book The Parable of the Stone Viper from! That’s kind of awesome – I wonder who those six people are. Did they like it? Are we best friends now? AM I INVITED TO THEIR BIRTHDAY PARTY?!? I know this is silly, getting excited about something like that […]

Writing Decisions

The Tao of Sommerset 1. Every action has a consequence. 2. The unexplored world will not announce itself. 3. The beautiful moment succeeds. 4. Whimsy is a precious flower. Plant liberally. 5. Obstacles are rarely insurmountable. 6. People are not just signposts. 7. The journey is the largest tree in the garden, but the rain […]

Fair Warning

My blog is going to be a little sparse this week. The show I’m directing opens on Friday, and it’s going to absorb every scrap of creative and physical energy very quickly. It has become an event horizon — I cannot imagine anything that occurs after 12/2. I’m hoping to have some downtime to post, […]

The Grand Wizard Speaks

There is a moment of stillness. Then abruptly the masks of Blue, Yellow, White and Red begin to laugh. Master Tumm makes no move, and the Black necromancer, Song, is still as always. Master Graham places his palms flat on the marble table and says nothing. ” Would you like us to come check in […]