Buy the Book

Okay — I’m going to convince you to buy the book. Right now, right HERE AND NOW.

If you want to save yourself some time, you can go ahead and click the image below. It’ll take you to the shiny internet edifice of where you may purchase a physical copy, or a futuristic digital copy for your Kindle. It’ll honestly be better if you just go ahead and do that. Because by the time I’m done with you, you will be straight ashamed that you took so much convincing.


Kindle Version – 2.99
Paperback – 8.99

Oh, man. Still here? What’s it going to take? Doesn’t the cover look awesome/ridiculous enough for you?

Isn’t it enough that this is the best and greatest thing I have produced in my time on this spinning earth?

Wait. You’re not my mom. Okay, make with the salesmanship.

Convinced? Are you convinced?

Okay, that’s fine — I’m not mad.

[I'm a little mad.]

How about we agree to disagree — and you just follow the blog until I can wear you down? Or the Facebook page?

Why are you even still reading this if you’re not going to at least consider reading the book?

That’s just weird.

You’re weird.

Please read the book?

[UPDATING THIS PAGE off and on with more incentives, lies and salesmanshippery .]

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